Social media website Pinterest is offering users a more personalized way to pin their favorite destination spots with the launch of their “Choose Your Own Adventure” product on April 24, 2014. The product will be a way for the social media site to hopefully garner more attention from male users as they currently have an overwhelmingly large female user base. This news comes after the company announced the ability to use a brand new “Place Pins” feature on the site, which allows users to easily pin their travel inspiration images and links to an online map and go on to share those pins with friends and family.

The new product will follow Pinterest’s main mission of helping connect people to other people out there online who share similar interests, hobbies and desires in life. Pinterest’s launch of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” platform is a way for the company to focus on that main mission while also attracting a new, more affluent male user base. The team at Pinterest understands that their female user base is full of household decision makers who usually hold the majority of the purchasing power in a home but the new product could help put a whole new spin on travel purchases if they pull it off.

The site’s demographics currently break down with only 14 percent of their users identifying as male while the other 86 percent are female. If the launch of the new travel product works out well for them they could have a new corner of the internet travel market working in their favor and greatly increase their overall male user numbers. But don’t feel too bad for Pinterest just yet as they have been seeing a slow increase in their male users over the past 6 months as men are 38 percent more likely to sign up for the social media site than previous months. Male users are also more likely to try out new products like cocktails, bars, sports, repairs and most importantly for Pinterest, travel destinations.