It has been many years since the rules for flying changed so drastically. As annoying as it is to have to take off your shoes or restrict the liquids you bring, you are probably used to it by now. Even if you know what you have to do, you might be unaware of what you can do. Packing for a flight requires a certain travel savvy. But, if you follow these tips, you and your bags will have a much better time.

The first thing you want to consider is your luggage. Most airlines charge you by the bag these days, and they do not hesitate to tack on an additional surcharge for overweight luggage. To minimize your expenses and hassle, plan to pack light. Pick several items in matching colors. Then, add a few accessories to help distinguish what you wear from day to day. If you are planning to stay for many days, consider adding a small bottle of your favorite detergent to allow you to wash your clothes in the hotel sink.

Second, you need to pack your bag in a way that makes things easy to find. The best practice is to roll your shirts and pants. This minimizes wrinkling and allows you to rifle through your bag without making a mess.

But, you can do more. Try using regular zipper or slide-lock storage bags to hold your clothes. Place your clothes into the bags, press on them to remove excess air, and seal. Throw a few extra bags into the outside pockets of your suitcase, in case you buy something that needs extra protection while you are on the trip.

Finally, you need to airport-proof your carry-on. You have seen people who put way too much stuff in the carry-on. These are the people who hold up the line at security, whose bags will not fit into the overhead bins. You can outsmart them all simply by planning ahead. Take a moment to read the current rules on liquids, personal care items and electronics. Before you leave for the airport, make sure that every item in your carry-on meets the latest standards. Then, organize your bag so that it is easy to remove any necessary things before you walk through security, and once you get to your seat. If you are prepared for the line, you make everyone happy.

When you want to travel, the flight is only a small part of the deal. But, if you pack lightly, keep organized and follow the rules, you will have the least hassle and a better trip.